Celtic and Folk Music

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Some frequently asked questions . . .

Q. Why did you settle on Celtic music?

A. Three of us have played it all our lives and can't imagine not performing it, too. Maggie is the most recent convert to Celtica and she has become an amazing fiddler.

​Q. Do you have an album out, yet?

A. It is in the process as we speak.

​Q. Do you play old or new music. 

A. We play a blend of old and new Scottish and Irish tunes.

Q. How do we know where or when you'll be playing next?

A. Send us your email address and we'll always let you know.

Q. What are the terms to book you?

A. Contact us by email and we'll call you immediately to discuss terms, both technical and financial!

Q. What are your technical requirements?

A. Check our tech page and email  us if you have questions!

Q. What is your touring area?

A. We mostly tour in South Dakota, parts of Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and North Dakota.

And for those who sometimes ask us...