We make it easy...

Maggie in the Meantime needs a playing space about 15 feet deep by 25 feet wide, although we've made due with less. We play in concert style, that is, we are not usually a "background group" since our show has much to do with storytelling and ballad forms. People have danced at our shows, but not all of our music is dance music. 

SOUND: We need a dependable 110 power source, preferably with two circuits instead of only one. We have our own complete sound system that is adequate for all but stadium venues. 

LIGHTING: We almost always use the house lighting that is provided by the venue. The stage is in four sections from stage right to left - Singer/Guitarist, Drummer, Fiddler, and Keyboard/Piper.

A NOTE ON VOLUME: We maintain a volume necessary to hear all the music in all parts of the performance venue. We do not push the volume up for effect.

DRESSING ROOM: A small, secure, room with one mirror. 

STAGE MANAGER: Someone who is with the venue to cue us on start times, both at beginning and intermission, and who will operate the running lights. 

The Goss Opera House

Watertown, South Dakota

Celtic and Folk Music

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